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Fun, Action and Relaxation in the Center of Mayrhofen
Ingrid Fankhauser of the Erlebnisbad

I met up with Ingrid Fankhauser in the Erlebnisbad restaurant.

Fun, Action and Relaxation in the Indoor Pool in the Centre of Mayrhofen.

On holiday in Mayrhofen I’m looking forward to some relaxation and regeneration. The Erlebnisbad in Mayrhofen is the perfect place. Whether in the sauna, massage jets or footbath –every ache and pain is soothed away. And, for those who thirst for still more action, the giant slide and crazy river offer plenty wet’n’wild fun. Ingrid Fankhauser fills me in on everything the Erlebnisbad indoor pool has to offer and here are my experiences:

Indoor Pool in the Centre of Mayrhofen

The wooden roof gives the pool an Alpine feel.

The wooden roof gives the pool an Alpine feel.

The Erlebnisbad indoor pool is just a few minutes’ walk from the centre of Mayrhofen- and my accommodation. When I arrive Ingrid Fankhauser is waiting for me and I’m looking forward to spending a relaxing day at the pool with her. A quick change of clothes into our bikinis and we find a table in the restaurant by the window from which we have a great view of the pool. The patterned, colourful tiles remind me a little of the masterpieces of Hundertwasser and the wooden roof gives the pool an Alpine feel.


The giant slide and rubber ring slide

The giant slide and rubber ring slide aren’t just an attraction for children

From Sport Pool to Experience Pool

Ingrid Fankhauser, who is responsible for the managemet of the pool, explains to me its history: ʺOriginally this area was a small outdoor pool in the forest until it was made into a sports pool in 1962. From a survey we discovered that our customers wanted more from the pool and so, since then, we have added many attractions. The last renovations took place in 1992 which was when the Erlebnisbad (‘experience pool’) was finished.ʺ Once we have finished our drinks, I get the chance to experience the highlights of the pool for myself.

Giant Slide & Crazy River

My first stop is the giant slide at 101m long. I join the queue of excited children who tell me excitedly about their experiences and give me tips for sliding. And with a running jump I’m off! Bend after bend I get faster and faster until I land in the pool with a resounding splash! Afterwards I can understand why the children love the 101m slide so much. The same goes for the crazy river and the rubber ring slide – a true paradise for children!


Regeneration in the Blubberbad

After an hour of action I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation. My first stop is the massage jets- perfect for regenerating after sport. Afterwards, I head to the underwater loungers in the big pool: I enjoy the bubbles which gently massage my tired body. Perfect! After refreshing my feet in the cold footbath, I head to the Jacuzzi where the warm water helps me fully relax. Finally, to top it off I head to the Sauna for some further recuperation.

Sweating in the Finnish Sauna

In the 90°C Finnish I feel my muscles completely relax, I can switch off in total peace and enjoy the amazing smell of orange and pine. I breathe deeply and sweat out the exhaustion of the last few days. A final refreshing cold bath, my body is fully revived and ready to go again. After trying out the 2 further saunas and the steam room I head back to join Ingrid Fankhauser who explains the rules of the spa area to me: ʺWe have to tell many of our guests the spa rules at the entrance – lots of nationalities like Italians, Russians or Scandinavians aren’t used to mixed saunas


In the outdoor area there are 700 m² pool

In the outdoor area there are 700 m² pool

Outdoor Pool Surrounded by Mountains

After I have exhausted the 300 m2 Indoor Pool and the spa area, I head for the outdoor pool..
I am overwhelmed by the views: Between the Penken, Ahorn and Steinerkogel, there are mountain views in all directions. The indoor pool boasts a pool area of 700 m2 with the water heated to a comfortable 24°C. There is also a large sunbathing area, slides, swings, a beach volley ball court and climbing frames which promise to entertain the whole family.

80,000 Guests per Year

Ingrid Fankhauser responsible for the management of the Erlebnisbad.

Ingrid Fankhauser responsible for the management of the Erlebnisbad.

To finish off a wonderful day by enjoying a burger and a shandy on the sun terrace of the restaurant with Ingrid Fankhauser. ʺEvery year up to 80,000 guests visit us from teenagers to school children, families and sports fans. There is something for everyone from people wanting to relax to school classesʺ My day in the Erlebnisbad was relaxing, action-packed and regenerating. Its definitely worth a visit!


Facts and Figures:

Pool area: Indoor Pool 300 m², Outdoor Pool 700 m²
Directions: The ‘Gäste- und Dörferbus‘ runs from Ramsau through Hippach to Mayrhofen, or take the car and park in the Erlebnisbad’s large car park. The pool is approximately 10mins walk from Mayrhofen train station.
Opening times: For current opening times see Website!

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Erlebnisbad Mayrhofen - Regeneration after Sport
The Erlebnisbad Mayrhofen is a perfect place for relaxation and regeneration in the heart of Mayrhofen in the Ziller Valley.



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