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Hard work rewarded: Zillertal Beer on the alm

Beer from Zillertal

Does a refreshment stop negate the physical benefits of a hike or bike tour?

Springtime in the Ziller Valley

It’s springtime in the Ziller Valley
Image: Gabi Huber

Spring has arrived, the flowers are starting to bloom, the temperature is getting warmer and it’s time to dig out your summer wardrobe. Most of us know that dreaded feeling of looking in the mirror after an indulgent winter and thinking it might not be a bad idea to start doing some sport!

I firmly believe there is a sport for everyone; you just have to find the one which is right for you. Fitness is not only good for your body and soul, but it also does wonders for your figure!

Personally, I suffer from vertigo and so I have accepted that I will never be a climber. Instead, I prefer biking, hiking and jogging. Fortunately, in the Ziller Valley I have the opportunity to practice my sports to my heart’s content on 1,400 km of hiking paths and 1,200 km of bike trails.

Mountainbiker im Stillupgrund, Zillertaler Alpen, Tirol, Österreich.

Mountainbiker im Stillupgrund, Zillertaler Alpen, Tirol, Österreich.

I would also like to make clear that, as an ambitious amateur sports woman, a stop at a mountain hut, alm or guesthouse is an important part of any strenuous hike or

bike ride! You might think that this would negate the benefits of doing the sport, but not in my opinion. After physical exercise there is nothing better than relaxing and having a good chat with friends over a refreshing drink or a tasty snack. It’s also a great motivation during the hike or bike ride!

A refreshing drink? Zillertal Radler – Naturtrüb (Cloudy Shandy)

When in the Ziller Valley, there is no better way to quench your thirst than with a cloudy shandy (Radler – Naturtrüb). It’s a light and

Zillertal Radler Image: Zillertal Bier

Zillertal Radler
Image: Zillertal Bier

fruity drink brewed at the Zillertal Bier brewery in nearby Zell am Ziller and offers pure beer refreshment. The first sip of this cool, lightly sparkling drink is quite simply delicious. And, after a sweat-inducing hike or bike tour, you have definitely earnt it!

By the way, the brewery at Zell am Ziller has been brewing its own beer since 1500. Also, not many people know this, but in 1961 Zillertal Bier brewed the first “Pils” (lager) in Austria. The modern brewery now makes twelve different types of beer including the “Gauder Bock” beer, which is mostly drunk around the time of the Gauderfest.

Lying back in a deck chair or sitting on a sun terrace, I can enjoy the nature, peace and quiet. I use the

Zillertal Bier

A well-deserved reward after a strenuous tour
Image: Laurin Moser

time to chat, gossip and put the world to rights with friends, family or the hut owners. Sometimes, it is all too difficult to find time for this simple pleasure in our hectic lives. That’s why, for me, sport and exercise, together with a stop at a hut gets a big thumbs up!

Photo credits of all pictures in this blog:
Norbert Freudenthaler, Bernd Ritschel, Laurin Moser, Zillertal Bier, Gabi Huber



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