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Tips for running, tips for jogging!

Running and jogging have been hugely popular sports for several decades, with millions of dedicated enthusiasts around the world. Perhaps the biggest appeal is that every second that you spend running is effective, so no time is wasted. The holiday region of Mayrhofen-Hippach is a giant playground for runners and joggers with its countless paths and trails surrounded by the beautiful mountains and scenery of the Ziller Valley Alps Nature Park.

Get started- the best way to start running

The best way to get into this popular sport is with a combination of jogging and fast walking. Using this method, you should quickly be able to build up to running longer distances and quickly surprise yourself with what you can achieve. It’s important that, at the end of a run, you don’t leave yourself completely exhausted and lying on the couch. You should have the feeling that you could still run another few kilometers. If this is the case, then you have found the perfect level of exertion.

Running style

The fact is that eight out of every ten runners have a bad running style. In most cases their running style is not energy-efficient and is therefore inconsisent. Over time, this can result in injuries. The most common culprits are legs and the position of the upper body. Arms are only of secondary importance to your running style.

When running, you should avoid:

• Leaning your upper body too far forward or arching your back
• Making your stride too long which wastes a lot of energy.

Running speed

Beginners often find it difficult to regulate their running speed. The best tempo for novice joggers is usually just a little quicker than a fast walk. It’s especially important to run slowly in the first few minutes and pacing yourself against others is not a good idea. More than half of joggers and runners run too fast.

Pavement or footpath

The best running routes incorporate different surfaces, as every surface offers some advantages and some disadvantages. Having said that, there is an ideal surface: a woodland trail. This has the advantage of simultaneously training your coordination. In the holiday region of Mayrhofen-Hippach there are many such trails, offering the perfect running conditions.

Easy Route:

Village Circuit
This relatively flat route starts at the Europahaus in Mayrhofen and leads through the Scheuling forest, past various fitness obstacles, the minigolf course and back to the village centre. As it is flat, this route is good for beginners.
Click here to view the route on an interactive map.

Intermediate Route:

River Run Hippach
This route mostly follows the path of the Ziller river. You will run on both banks of the river in the direction of Mayrhofen and then back again. The river run is a relatively flat route of considerable distance.
Click here findest du die Route auf dem interaktiven Ortsplan.

Difficult Route:

Glockenblick Circuit
From Mayrhofen, follow the Zemmbach river through Hochsteg towards Finkenberg. At this point, the route takes you steeply uphill, through meadows and over rivers until you reach the “Glocke” protected area by the cemetery in Finkenberg. Run back on the other side of the gorge, and, when you are back in the valley, take the same route back to the start.
Click here to view the route on an interactive map.

Easy to Intermediate Trail:

Hippach Trail
This trail leads gently uphill from Hippach to “Schormis” (a district of Hippach). From here, continue past farms and gardens to Schwendau. You will run a short distance beside a river until you meet the Ziller Promenade. Continue along the promenade to return to the start.
Click here to view the route on an interactive map.



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