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Mayrhofen Advent Angel – in production

Specially created for the Mayrhofen Advent at the Waldfestplatz, the Mayrhofen Advent Angel is a delicious gingerbread biscuit with marzipan and sugar icing, as well as a certain (secret) extra ingredient!

Advent Angel

Petra Trinkl is a qualified metal worker, who also loves her home!
Photo: Elisabeth Kröll

Metalworker vs baker

Petra Trinkl, owner of the Cafe-Konditorei Kröll in Hippach, actually trained as a construction metalworker, even passing her professional qualifications. It was love that led her to the Konditorei Kröll. With her partner Robert, she started a family and had two children. Yet, overnight, a tragedy changed the course of her life. She was left with two young children and had to decide what how best to manage their future. Petra felt truly at home at the Konditorei Kröll, and so decided to continue to run the business by herself- very successfully!

The creation of the Mayrhofen Advent Angel

Originally, Petra only wanted to have a stall at the Mayrhofen Advent from which to sell her homemade jams and biscuits. However, whilst discussing this with Birgit and Andreas from the Mayrhofen-Hippach tourist board, they came up with the idea of creating a special biscuit for the Mayrhofen Advent. After some consideration, Petra decided to use a secret recipe to create Mayrhofen Advent Angels.

When asked what construction metalwork and baking have in common, she replies: how different they are! However, in the creation of the Mayrhofen Advent Angels, she did call on her metal working skills to make the special biscuit cutters in the shape of an angel. On a visit to the Café Konditorei Kröll, Petra showed me the production of these exquisite gingerbread biscuits.

A tempting aroma…

As I walk towards the bakery’s kitchen, the smell of gingerbread spices instantly makes be long for Christmas. Petra and her master confectioner are busy preparing the Mayrhofen Advent Angels.

The Production

Honey, sugar, butter, flour, ground almonds and gingerbread spices are kneaded together. The dough is wrapped in cling film and left for at least 3-4 hours to proof at room temperature. Ideally, the dough should be prepared the evening before.

The dough is rolled out on a floured surface until it is about 5mm thick. Then, it is baked in a preheated oven (fan assisted: 150°C/conventional: 175°C) for approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

At last it’s time for the secret ingredient to be added to the Mayrhofen Advent Angel, which, of course, I can’t possibly disclose here! Next, the marzipan is rolled out (to a thickness of about 2mm) and placed on top of the baked biscuit. The biscuit can then be decorated with sugar icing or chocolate, according to your preference.

If you want to spare yourself the time and trouble of making the biscuits yourself, then the delicious Mayrhofen Advent Angels are available to buy from either the Cafe Konditorei Kröll in Hippach (alongside other Christmas delicacies), or at Kröll’s Advent Bakery at the Mayrhofen Advent. And, if you are planning on baking your own biscuits, I hope that they turn out as delicious as Petra’s!



Elisabeth Kröll
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