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Everything your heart desires? The new Granatalm on the Action Mount Penken

Many people have fond memories of Vroni’s Skialm from several years ago. Still more remember visiting Christa’s Skialm in the last few years. But now the Granatalm is the new jewel of the Penkenjoch at 2,095m in the ski area of the Action Mount Penken. Over the last year, Christa und Georg Kröll-Brindlinger have spared no cost or endeavor in transforming what was Christa’s Skialm into the sparkling new Granatalm. In fact, for those who know the significance of “Granat” (garnet) in the Ziller Valley, one might say it is actually a diamond. But more on that another time…


The south-facing Granatalm promises many hours of glorious sunshine

Quick construction – maximum effect

In a build driven by passion, heart and soul, the new hut was erected in just the seven months between May and November 2016. The result is a contemporary building with space to comfortably accommodate its many guests. The elegant design, featuring clean lines of wood and lots of glass to let in the amazing views of the mountains, is cosy and warming. It’s clear that the architect, DI Bernhard Stöhr, paid close attention to every aspect of the design.


The self-service area, flooded by natural light and with incredible view

A feast for the eyes – both inside and out

The interior was designed by local carpenter Franz Kröll. “Supporting local businesses is very important to us,” explains the owner Christa. “That’s why we mostly contracted companies from within the Ziller Valley to help with the construction.” In spite of the mighty size of the building, the owners were determined to create a comfortable, inviting space for their guests. That’s why the interior furnishings are made from tactile materials such as wood, natural stone, black steel, glass, felt and wool materials. Traditional, tiled stoves provide warmth and a cosy atmosphere.

Something old and something new

Guests of the Granatalm can choose between a large Free-Flow-Area (self-service with an open kitchen), the famous barbeque area with 360 panoramic views, the inside bar and 3 rooms with table-service. The Granatstube in particular is something special and definitely worth a look! Also, make sure you take the time to catch some rays in a sun lounger on the beautiful terrace.


All children love meeting the hut’s mascot Pepi

Big and small

The Granatalm’s younger guests have not been forgotten: on the lower floor there is a modern children’s playarea, staffed by the Finkenberg Skischule Sunny, dedicated to amusing little skiers. “It’s especially important to us that children also feel welcome at the Granatalm. After all, they are our future guests!”, explains owner Georg.

Why the name “Granatalm”?


The garnet shaped chapel designed by famous architect Mario Botta and dedicated to the blessed Engelbert Kolland
Photo: Franz Dengg

No, garnet was never mined at the Penkenjoch, as one might assume from the choice of name. Actually, the name comes from the Brindlinger family’s personal connection to the precious stones; their ancestors were garnet prospectors. The Granatkapelle chapel, built by a reservoir on the Penken and designed by famous architect Mario Botta, also belongs to the Brindlingers. That’s why it was obvious that the alm’s new name should also have a connection to garnet.

During the summer months, there is plenty of activity in our ski area, ensuring that no winter is ever boring. Every year there’s the anticipation of finding out; what’s new on the mountain?

All photos in this blog were provided by the Granatalm.



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