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Helen Pramstraller
Originally from Norwich, England, I first came to Tyrol as a small child on a family ski holiday. Even at an early age the majestic mountains, idyllic villages, powder snow, delicious food and welcoming people captured my heart. So, when I left uni I decided to make a childhood dream come true and spend my ‘one season’ as a travel rep in Tyrol before finding a ‘real job’! 8 years later and I have never left! I worked my first 3 seasons in other resorts before coming to Mayrhofen and falling in love – both with my husband and the most beautiful place I have seen in the world! Mayrhofen town is lively and vibrant but at a relaxed pace, and the beauty of the surrounding mountains reminds me on a daily basis how lucky I am to live here. In 8 years of enthusiastic hiking and snowboarding I have yet to exhaust the range of trails and pistes on offer; although, since the birth of my daughter in 2013, I now spend more time enjoying the many family activities Mayrhofen has to offer. I am so pleased that she’ll be able to grow up calling this enchanting place ‘home’.
Helen Pramstraller
Great Britain
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